Oct. 28, 2013 [Monday]

Woke up early and enjoyed a cup of coffee (words of wisdom says I should do differently). It was chilly this morning.

My kids and I headed out the door with our jackets on only having to go 1/2 mile. It took over 20 minutes to get our destination due to my daughter thinking I broke the rules at the traffic light when crossing.

Honestly, there is no safe way to cross the intersection for pedestrians. It is a three way stop with no crosswalks or buttons to push. All the traffic on Par St. just came off the interstate and is going to be turning left onto Clay St.  So even when I try to cross Clay St. when they get a red light, Par will be turning onto Clay. I called and told them about it and they are supposed to do a traffic study. We will see.

We just barely made the bus  because of the bickering  and refusing to walk all in the name of me breaking the rules. We wait in the dark at and area that is not well lit and I had to flag down the bus. We had to walk up to the bus. The driver did not initially see us.

So thank God the 102 was running late because we were too. We made it to the village and caught the 443. It was early. We made it to my sons school at 7:18.


Not many cars in the parking lot and his teacher wasn’t there yet. We had to wait to go in and all I could think about was coffee. He finally goes in and Beth and I walk to her school.

Meds must have kicked in because she is happy and wants me to record her singing. She reminds me if myself. I used to sing all the time when I was young, thinking I was gonna be some pop star.

So now I wait for the bus and go home. Today is the day to deliver the meal and help a fellow member out who just had a baby BUT the meal has to be delivered between noon and five.

I leave a bit after noon to go start my journey of picking up my kids but I should have time when I get back. My husband bought the meal and he was home before me. He delivered the meal via bike and  still beat me home. I’m so happy we helped out. It truly makes me feel good inside.

On the walk home we saw a cat. It was white with grey on it. It was cute. My kids wanted it. Lol


We made it home and both my children did their homework. I put in a dvd from the old testament collection and watched some of the videos. One especially caught my eye and I asked my husband to watch it and he did. Can’t remember the name right now.

It was mainly a peaceful evening. I got to talk to my son. He really is doing good despite all the challenges he has to face. I’m so afraid to let go and watch him grow up, make mistakes, &learn from them. It makes me think did I bring him up right with morals and values? I know he’s only 12 but he wants to ride the bus by himself, go to the park by himself (2 blocks away), and try to convince me he’s ready for an “m” rated game. I don’t want him to grow up. He’s so sweet and the world is a filthy place.

Til next time, *l0v3y


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