October 29, 2013 (Tuesday)

Got up 5:45am and fell into the usual routine. Came home around 10am and was “reading the paper” (fyi – going # 2) As I have said before I’m not a cat lover, but I don’t hate them. This cat lays on the floor while I do my thing, chills on the side of the bathtub and looks up at me, and even checks out what he looks like in the mirror.




It’s my daughters cat but hangs out with my husband the most. Beth calls him Terr Bear and my husband calls him Terrance. Either way, after I “finish reading, ” I go to lay down in the bed for a bit and the cat is in my spot.


It was very unusual. He wanted to be affectionate with me. I did show him some lovings. 🙂

Again, started my journey in picking up my kids and the battery in my phone is dead. I’m guessing it did not charge while I was sleeping. I let Mike ride the 14 bus back to the towers while Beth and I got on the 102. My husband was home before us and rode up to get Mike.  Apparently they have the schedule to the #14 flip flopped because he waited longer than what it says. All is good and both kids are home.

Both had good days in school and did their homework with no problems. My husband made dinner and played cards with Mike. Beth hung out at the cat jungle trying to find more snail shells.

We put in the disc and the guys voice read 1rst Nephi, chapters 5 & 6. I feel the holy spirit more & more everyday. I remember watching the movie Joseph Smith and the gold plates. In it, he gave Martin Harris the transcripts and to only show them to his family but Martin did not listen and showed them to others. Joseph Smith was no more to rewrite the lost transcripts of Lehi’s account. Those gold plates are currently sealed. But reading 1 Nephi chapter 6 verse 1 says that his father (Lehi) made an account of the genealogy that they are descendants of Joseph.

I really do feel my relationship with God growing stronger more & more every day.

I read this picture on facebook that said: Don’t forget to pray today because God didn’t forget to get you up today.

Til next time, *l0v3y


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