October 30, 2013 (Wednesday)

Same routine in the morning as usual except I drink 2 cups of coffee and stay at Mikes school to help decorate for the fall festival tonight from 6-9.



Mike goes to a charter school where parents are required to volunteer 20 hours and attend 4 meetings/workshops throughout the school year. Instead of volunteering you can pay $10/hour. I think I will just volunteer. I got 4 hours in today.

Mike was a bit upset because we weren’t going to be able to attend. If my car was running, I would have said yes.

It was a really awesome experience volunteering and seeing just how hard these parents worked. I noticed we all had our one specialty. One was artsy, another was good at deciding how to arrange the decorations, and I was able to get the stripped screw out of the mummy to replace the batteries. It’s pretty awesome now that it’s working.


We came home and my husband wasn’t here yet. Today is an early day. Every Wednesday in the state of Florida, school lets out 1 hour early.

Did see a few strange things on the walk home. A gas container just sticking out of the gas tank on the car. A water meter plate removed and no service truck around.



I was so tired when I came home. Beth went to the cat jungle looking for snail shells. Mike did his homework and fell asleep doing it. My husband came home and I asked if I could nap. I did and woke up to dinner. He put the fixings on my hotdog also. Yep, he can be a sweetheart when he wants to be.

My kids have not been putting the characters and discs to Disney infinity away. I put the game up but my husband gave them the warning tonight that there will be no more next time.

We listened to the dvd and followed along in first Nephi 7 & 8. Mike didn’t do so well tonight with chapter 8, so we may just have  to do one chapter at a time. When the chapter is read, it is usually 5 or 6 minutes average.

Both children are supposed to be reading 20-30 minutes daily. This is an area we strugle with but I feel they need to read their scriptures too. I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone.

One thing I’ve been doing lately is taking my iPod with me on my trips to & from school. Just yesterday, I noticed it had a pedometer on it. I have the Walgreens app because that is where we get our meds and it’s easy to request refills on it. There is a section to log your steps and make goals. I’ve only done this 2 days so I will get to see the progress soon enough.

There is also this website I like. It’s called http://getglue.com . It has stickers that you basically want to collect. It will say when a movie is coming soon. It has stickers for sports too. Then the regular TV shows also, but you have to “check in” an hour prior or during the show. So, while I may not have cable, dish, satellite or whatever you want to call it, my knowledge is growing more and more with what is on TV, what teams are playing, and what movie will be out in theaters and when.

Til next time, *l0v3y


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