Nov. 20, ’13 Wednesday

In Florida, on Wednesdays, every school has early release except the week of FCAT’s. It’s only by an hour but I tell my kids it’s a short day.

We finally have some kinda system worked out while we are biking to school. Mike leads in the morning and Beth in the afternoon. Since Beth only has a folder, she places it in Mikes back pack. Since they both use the back pack, whoever leads, gets to wear it.

My husband/roommate gets home a few minutes before us. Even on a Wednesday, which I thought to be odd. I was expecting his return after us.

He asked if I still had that $25 because his account was in the negative which I replied it was because of his purchase at Publix last night. He seemed to think not and blamed it on the “mall purchases.” That really upset me.

We went to the mall this past Saturday and split up, Beth with him and Mike with me. We were going for the kids because they had money on their cards from allowance. Funny how Mike and I went and I only bought a $3 pretzel. Mike bought one for himself, ice cream for both of us and a Christmas present for Dad and Beth. Beth on the other hand had dad buy the photo booth pictures, pretzels for them and whatever else. I don’t know what she used her money on because it is Christmas presents. We later met up and Mike played basketball while I sat on the bench and Paul and Beth were around. I looked over and saw Hunger Game merchandise. Buy one, get one for $1. Buy anything hunger games and get a special gift etc. So I have $25 in my savings and my phone is at home so I can’t transfer it to my checking. I beg him to get it and he does. I got a necklace and an armband. Before that purchase was made, he had $80 in his bank.

On Sunday, he went to circle k and bought junk food for all of us so he could get change to fill up our water bottles.

On Monday I have no clue what he bought, just that he had an orthodontist apt. set up and I gave him MY bus ticket only for him to cancel it stating we needed the money more. I love it. He hasn’t been to the Ortho since August and this is the second apt. he has cancelled.

Tuesday, he went to Publix and bought the tacos, ground beef, sour cream, salsa, salad, cheese and whatever else.

But Sunday and Tuesdays purchases didn’t make him go in the negative. Oh no, it was Saturdays mall purchases. Ok, tell me another one. This guy has a bull shit meter filled to the 40th floor on the downtown building I see every day.

So, I come home and hear that and I’m trying to show my gratitude and thank him for what he does do and all this blah blah blah. He looks at me and says: What’s with all the praise lately? Oh Lord, you don’t want to hear my thoughts. I posted to his timeline in Facebook a few days ago about the 28 things to strengthen marriages and it had a picture of a saying pertaining to gratitude and to show it often. I commented: nice reading tonight?
But we never talked about a single one. We never talk about money and budgeting, we never talk about how he should be ignoring Beth during her fits, instead of going in her room and bothering her more. We only talk about his life before us and I just feel like I’m an intrusion to it all.

Til next time, *l0v3y

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