11/21/13 Thursday

Paul took Mike to school. Beth & I biked to an apt. I get a text around 11am Ms. Rector is at my house. Oh my gosh I forgot to tell her about this PT eval apt. UCP gave me at the last minute. I felt bad for cancelling. Oops.

On the way back, Beth and I stopped at Walmart. She is still hounding me for a binky. She settled for shoe laces instead. I got headlights for my bike. I had a church function to go to tonight and wanted to be safe. I picked up some cheap material for the purses.

Came home, made the cookie dough, went to school and picked up Mike. Oh he scared me today on his bike 3 different times with one being major. God, are you not hearing my prayers to have Mike ride safely?

Made it home in time to do dishes and bake cookies. I need rest. Oh desperately. I have biked about 20 miles and I am weak.

Took a shower and headed out the door. I biked to the bus stop and got on the 102. I was so scared inside, anxious, by myself, and it was all unfamiliar. It was dark outside riding the bus. I wasn’t sure if I would know when or where to get off. I looked up and now the bus is showing it is 103. I just want something I recognize. A landmark, a person, anything familiar. I’m off the bus and GPS the address. I crossed over 436 when I didn’t need to. I don’t recognize anything. I don’t know this bike path/sidewalk in the rain and darkness. Then I saw it. Kim Coe Designs. A place where I didn’t fit in because everything is so extravagant there. I just want to sit far away from everyone and my back to the wall. Then little by little I saw familiar faces. Faces I was comfortable with. But still I dreaded being there. I felt so out of place



I took pictures every couple of steps. It was all too much. Overboard. And prices I saw….are you serious? These people and my family live in 2 different worlds joined together because Joseph Smith prayed to God with a sincere heart and was given the answer of which church to join and that being none of them.

This lady with her fancy shop is married to the guy who told me I should learn how to control my kids. He is now the first counselor. Somehow I’m just not thrilled to be there.

The former relief society president read this awesome Christmas story. But the real story was how she acquired the book and who wrote it.

Then we played a fun little game of putting our name on a card and something about ourselves that nobody has knowledge of.  I wasn’t crazy about it initially but after hearing things read off it was fun.

Then I came inside and saw the fudge, mint fudge to be exact! I love mint fudge. It is my favorite type of fudge. Now I’m in a great mood. Lol.

Then we got to get items for bracelets to make at home. I got the beads and wire but I’m not sure what to do once I put the beads on and how it connects. I will check it out tomorrow.

I traded books for a helmet. Yay! I did have a good time tonight. Sister Bruce took me home and Sister Anderson brought my bike home. I’m so thankful they did.

Til next time, *l0v3y


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