A mothers guilt over natural consequences

Well, I wasn’t off to a good start with my children biking to school this morning after the week off. Bethany kept acting like she couldn’t pedal and then Mike started biking slow. Just lovely.

Finally Beth has seen a dog being walked that’s huge. A st. bernard. She stops, pets it, and keeps going. I told the owner good morning and kept going myself. I was thinking Mike is in a crappy mood. He won’t stop, but he did. Beth and I are still biking until I look back and see Mike biking towards home.

No, we don’t have to be at school at any certain time. We can just show up whenever. Ughhhh… He said the dog slobbered on his pants. So finally I get him turned around and caught up to Beth who told me before all this she needs to go use the bathroom at Hess. I start telling Mike we are going to stop at Hess and Beth needs to…. I don’t finish my sentence before he throws a fit.

We make it to Hess. (Idk why I take shortcuts when they backtrack.) Mike is still upset and throws his bike down


How nice, the back brakes are now messed up and rubbing against his tires. I use my tools on me as best I can to get the horseshoe looking thing apart. It’s stuck. He has to pedal  10 times harder. Natural consequences. I told him I would bring more tools in the afternoon.

I did and I removed his back brakes. I told him I will fix them at home. He doesn’t have coaster brakes so I was trying to give him a few pointers on using the front brakes.

We are biking home. Down Goddard St, next is the sidewalk of Edgewater. We don’t cross over. I just always believed it to be safer, until we got to Bishop Moore High School.

Sometimes there is a guy on the corner, sometimes not. Beth crossed over. I crossed next. I heard this noise. This noise that makes my parental instincts kick in of something not right. I see 6 seconds left on the sign, a black car drive off, my son & his bike on the ground. OMG! ! ! The people exiting the high school now have the green light but I’m already off my bike and walking in the crosswalk to my baby. I’m yelling to Beth come back. She hardly hears me because it took a few times.

I find out the driver didn’t want to block traffic and came back. The lady on cart duty comes over. Then the principal.  My son looks alright. He’s not cussing the driver out. That’s a plus. He holds his arm and his whole right side hurts. He says his chest too. The bike doesn’t appear to be damaged. The driver did have his view blocked when trying to make a right on red because the silly city was a genius by putting the traffic signal box on that corner. Could have went across the road, but that would have been rocket science right there.

And I felt bad because I took my sons back brakes off so he couldn’t stop although he did have the right of way. He was so used to having his back brakes that when he really needed them, they weren’t there. Yes, he should  take care of his bike better. Yes, I feel there is a thing called natural consequences. Yes, I feel I am to blame also for my son getting hit. I feel my son is, the driver, the city, myself, but blaming is not doing any good. The solution: forgive, pray, let God inspire me from there.

Til next time, *l0v3y


A glimpse

Where do I ever start with the morning I had today. Well, last night I put Beths hair in curlers. This morning I fixed up her hair all pretty for picture day. This morning, my husband did most of what I do and I was just lost on what to do. But we finally make it out the door with our bikes, only Mike is deciding he’s going to use dads bike because it has gears. Plus its cold outside and none of us have gloves.

Every time I turned around, Mike was stopping. Ugh…. He said he’s freezing and needs a break, except every time we would start to bike, he was trying to bike home. Eventually after 40 minutes, we had made it a little over a mile.


He slams the bike down for the 50th time and refuses to move. Beth doesn’t realize we are stopped. I call Mikes school and tell them we are going to be late. I call Beths school and ask them to keep watch. Then my husband texts me letting me know he will bring the bike to us. I let him know we are a little passed Wymore.and Fairbanks. Mikes in someones yard.


Then Beth comes back. Then my husband shows up but Mike took off. Every step I took towards him, he took a step further away. Now my husbands looking for Mike on his bike. I just locked up Mikes bike to help look for him and my daughter has to use the bathroom really bad. I’m like ok, go to school, I trust her on a bike, but today she was not wearing a helmet because I did her hair. I didn’t want it ruined because today was picture day.

Mike has his bike and decided he will go to school. Finally. So I get him signed in and leave. My daughters school is a block away. I get there. I don’t see her bike outside. I don’t see Ms. Pam at the door greeting the kids as they get off the bus. I’m starting to get this not so go feeling as Ms.Pam tells me Beth got hit by a car., Omg! ! ! I see her and am so glad it’s not serious. The person was turning right to get out onto the road. They looked left but not right before they turnt and they hit my daughter and knocked her into Lee Rd. She landed on her side because she complains about her hip and head but she is doing fine this evening. I’m just sad that a woman driver can hit a child, ask if they are ok, then keep on going. I’m so glad it was nothing more.

Til next time, *l0v3y