So he does not smoke, drink, has a job, morals and values, and even does housework. Seems like a great catch.

The tradeoff:
I listen to him complain and how he has to deal with my children, or what his life was like before we came into the picture and how he isn’t used to all this. How he was such a bachelor and only slept here. Monday night Moes, Tuesday tacos, and who knows the rest of the schedule.

And I love this. Every night he asks me what are we going to do for dinner? Well, tonight I told him I took out the thin pieces of steak. We could put those on the hamburger buns before they start growing mold, have noodles & tomatoe sauce, and stuffing. He wants to save the stuffing for Thanksgiving. Understandable. I offer peas instead. He is going on about dinner and he wants something thats easy. He bikes all the way to Publix to pick up tacos. This to me is not only NOT easy, but a stupid waste of money. I think we should eat the food we have. I picked up these soups by bear creek. They are $3 – $4 each and have 8 servings. Put that with rice and call it a meal. I do not care whether my children like what’s served. If they don’t eat it and fill their tummys, it’s on them because food was offered. But he believes otherwise. Cater to the kids.

No sense talking. He just goes on and on and on. As soon as I try and talk, he sugar coats it for me to shut up or just annoys me.

What happened to the days of watching Bones in bed?

What happened to the days of making love? (I sleep naked every night)

What happened to the days of calling Beth rainbows & cupcakes?

What happened to so many more? And when will they return?

Til next time, *l0v3y


November 19, 2013 Tuesday

I had read quotes on line that presidents of the church had said on marriage. I tried expressing gratitude several times since. I may be going through the motions and  in return all I hear is “your welcome.” It sometimes seems he is all about himself. I don’t really remember the last time he complemented me or made me feel good inside.

I feel like I’m on a pond and it has frozen over. I’m skating around the edges, fearful of the center, for it may crack and I don’t know how thick the ice is.

Do I want this marriage to work? Yes. I do. But I need answers and I’m just avoided with the run around. I think that’s what I’m waiting for in order to move on.

Enough about the marriage situation. There is a relief society event this Thursday. I’m so excited. I get these “space saver” ice creams and I decorated it up with material I had previously used as curtains. I know it is butterflies and not autumn but I work with what I got.


This container is going to hold my soft sugar cookies that taste so delicious. I can’t wait!

So yesterday I broke out the material and I saw the princess and the frog material. Oh guilty conscience. I have had it so long, I forgot to make a purse and show it to the lady who gave me the material.


She has a non profit organization called one heart for woman & children. She gets donations and has a huge sale on Saturdays. She helps feed the homeless on Mondays. All kinds of great things she does for our community. So, I’m going to drop this purse off this week and maybe a little girl can have a purse as a present for Christmas.

Til next time, *l0v3y

If I had no kids or husband…

If I had no kids or husband (which is like another kid)…..
I would be buying this “smart” car





Even says “smart” on the back. I just love the black with the pink accent.

Reality is I have two children and a husband I love so much and wouldn’t trade an awesome looking 2 seater car for them. They are unique and challenging. Sometimes I am glad they have issues. I mean, what the heck would I do if they were “normal?” It would be so boring. The excitement of the car would be temporary. My kids are permanent 🙂

Til next time, *l0v3y